Marylebone Physiotherapy

Percutaneous Electrolysis intratissue (EPI)
Ultrasound guided regenerative treatment for tendon, ligament and muscle injuries
Eccentric exercise therapy
The most advance training and functional rehabilitation device. Isoinertial flywheel technology
TMG Tensiomyography
The most advance device to diagnose non-structural muscle injuries


At PSMC, we provide our patients with individualized and comprehensive Physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs. Our holistic approach encompasses non-surgical treatments that relieve pain, promote healing and prevent future injury, combined with patient education in Physiotherapy techniques, fitness, general wellness, and ergonomics. This comprehensive treatment strategy aims to optimize results, shorten recovery time and prevent re-injury.

Our commitment to excellence begins with a focus on personalized attention. Our physiotherapists recognize that each person has their own unique needs and desired outcomes. At the outset of care, each patient’s medical and physical history is assessed along with other lifestyle factors and a personalized treatment program is developed based on the patient’s injury, age, sport, and other lifestyle needs. Just as no two patients are exactly the same, no two treatment plans are exactly the same.

Customized treatment plans are designed to increase strength, restore range of motion and alleviate pain. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs are developed using the most effective treatment methods available.


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