Clinical Pilates

What is clinical Pilates? Traditionally, the use of Pilates in Physiotherapy is explained within a core stability framework, which is coincident with one of the principles of the Pilates method. However, Clinical Pilates is not only about working your dynamic stability and resolving back and neck pain. Clinical Pilates also constitutes a very powerful tool for Physiotherapists to rehabilitate upper and lower extremity injuries. Clinical Pilates restores proprioception, range of motion, strength, flexibility, movement efficiency and correct biomechanics in functional movement.

Notably, clinical Pilates improves muscle function, stability and mobility in all positions and motions of the pelvis, spine and thorax. It also has the potential of producing a similar effect in surrounding key areas, such as hips and the shoulder girdle. This focus on proximal joints improves kinetic chain function and prevents injury, and injury recurrence.

Clinical Pilates emphasis in movement quality, a correct alignment on the entire body, and working all muscle groups in a connected manner helps resolving muscle imbalances underlying injury. With the aim of retraining specific movements, our physiotherapists at PSMC integrate injured body parts in correct functional movement patterns attending to the principles of core control, unrestricted breathing, spinal segmental articulation, alignment, and coordination.

At PSMC Clinical Pilates exercises are initially performed with the assistance of equipment (Reformer), which is very useful in order to retrain deep core muscles and correct biomechanics. On the other hand, this is very well suited during tissue healing phases to provide a relative rest and a partial weight bearing environment that also allows to maintain appropriate function in areas surrounding an injury. This is particularly helpful when working with athletes since it is good for their psyche to keep as active as possible during this rehabilitation stage.


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