Tendon clinic

Tendon Clinic At PSMC we are specialists in tendon injuries’ management, treatment and rehabilitation. Our comprehensive ultrasound and biomechanics based diagnosis helps planning athletes training and/or recovery time to optimize performance and rehabilitation outcomes. Additionally, we offer Intratissue Percutaneous Electrolysis (EPI®), which treats the focal clinical problem point removing injured tissue whilst activating regeneration. We also offer a unique approach to rehabilitation that incorporates the use of cutting-edge technology and equipment, such as Exentrix.

Assessment To analyze tendon health and current pathology we utilize Real Time Doppler Ultrasound imaging, which allows precise tendon health diagnosis and early detection of degeneration. On the other hand, at PSMC we are experts in movement analysis and we carry out a detailed biomechanical assessment to determine contributing dysfunctions, as well as baseline load tolerance.

Treatment PSMC is a UK pioneer in the application of EPI®, which is an innovative minimally invasive technique for physiotherapy and medicine that only denatures and eliminates injured tissue, naturally re-establishing tendon repair/regeneration. This minimally invasive treatment can constitute an alternative to surgery and other medical procedures, such as cortisone and high volume injections.

Rehabilitation Our comprehensive tendon loading and rehabilitation programs specific to individual patient’s tendon health profile and biomechanical dysfunctions. Our rehabilitation programs are enhanced by our expertise with high performance athletes and the use of High Eccentrics Rehabilitation equipment, such as Exentrix, which is monitored utilizing Smartcoach. PSMC specialist approach to tendons allows patients a much faster return to their sporting activities and peak performance, whilst preventing recurrences.


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