Daniel Marti


Daniel is a Physiotherapist specializing in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries, performance enhancement and rehabilitation, as well as advanced Physiotherapy treatments currently utilized in professional sports medical teams, such as invasive ultrasound guided electro-acupuncture (Intratissue Percutaneal Electrolysis, EPI), High Eccentric Loading Rehabilitation and Tensomiography (TMG).

Daniel has a special interest in spinal, upper and lower limb, and hip/groin injuries and rehabilitation. He also runs Prosportsmed tendon clinic and has outstanding results treating both chronic and acute tendinopathies, as well as muscle injuries, through a combination of treatments including EPI, High Load Eccentrics and TMG.

Daniel graduated from Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) in 2003 and since has been committed to continuing his professional development. He went on to complete an MSc in Health Science and a PGD in Sports Physiotherapy, and has attended numerous training courses with highly recognized physiotherapists. His treatment techniques also include Manual Therapy (MACP), Acupuncture and Rehabilitative Real-Time Ultrasound.

Daniel is the director of the UCM Pilates based Rehabilitation postgraduate course, having trained over 1000 Physiotherapists. In 2005 he also started lecturing in Pilates and Sports’ performance enhancement at the UCM Sports’ Physiotherapy PGD. He is also a guest lecturer for the Spanish Football Federation MSc in Injury prevention and return to play.

Daniel was a consultant Physiotherapist at Tottenahm FC between 2011 and 2015, working within the 1st team medical services. Among others, his experience in professional sports also includes working for West Ham United, Atletico de Madrid and Espanyol de Barcelona Football clubs, and the Spanish Tennis Federation in national and international tournaments. On the other hand he has worked with professional dancers from Rambert Dance Company and English National Ballet.

Daniel has also worked in private practice in London since 2006 and started his own company, Prosportsmed, in 2015 with the aim of providing best quality Physiotherapy services. At present Daniel is a first team Physiotherapist at Newcastle United FC.